Content Submission Deadline

In order to deliver on our guaranteed turnaround time, we ask that you deliver your content a minimum of two business days before the blog post is to be scheduled for your review. This is known as the Content Submission Deadline (CSD). Since a scheduled post is normally set to be published the following day, another way of thinking about it is that you would need to submit your content 3 business days before your publish date.



All the photos for the post must be uploaded to your shared Dropbox folder and a new event form submitted from your Fotoskribe account. We need this content at least two business days before the post is due to be scheduled for your review.

What happens if I miss my Content Submission Deadline?

If you miss your Content Submission Deadline, you can still send in your images and form. If all content is received within a week of the original Blog Post date, we will guarantee a turnaround time of two business days to get your post scheduled (to be published the following day).

Can I send in content for old or late posts that I missed?

Late and/or missed content for posts can be redeemed within 10 business days from the original schedule date.


The reason behind this is that after a week has passed, the post loses some of the inherent SEO value since the regular post consistency is lost. The best thing to do in this case is to pick back up and start posting regularly the following week.


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