What if I need to discontinue my service?

Our number one goal is to help, so before we ever cancel a subscription, we humbly request that we be given an opportunity to address any concerns or issue(s) you may be having.

If we are unable to address your concern or you would still like to cancel, no problem. Just send a cancellation request to success@fotoskribe.com and we will get that started for you.

Canceling the 3-month subscription

If you do not wish to continue with Fotoskribe after your 3-month subscription ends, you must:

  • Pay for and buy out the remainder of your plan

Discontinuing a month-to-month plan

After a 3-month subscription commitment has been completed, plans will continue on a month-to-month basis.

To cancel a month-to-month plan:

  • Send written confirmation to success@fotoskribe.com.  

  • Since there are no refunds on monthly subscriptions, you are welcome to use up any remaining posts that are due to you for the month.

Please note, posts that are due the month you request to cancel can not be pushed out past your cancellation date.

Late and/or missed content for posts can only be redeemed within 10 business days from the original schedule date.


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