Getting Started

1. New Customer Questionnaire

The very first thing to do once you've started your subscription is to fill out this New Client Questionnaire. This helps us collect important information about the way you present your work on your blog and the voice you use in your writing style.

2. How to Log In

When you sign up for a new Fotoskribe subscription, we will create a login for you on the Fotoskribe website within 1 business day. Once you have those login details, just click here to log in with the username and password provided to you. You may also go to and click on "Log In" from the main site menu.

Once you've logged into your Fotoskribe Dashboard, you'll find the forms that you will fill out for each new blog post. The first few may take a little longer than the rest, but once you are in the groove, it gets much easier. Please don't hesitate to send in content for blog posts early!

3. When to send your blog content (Content Submission Deadline)

In order for our team to get your post written and scheduled on time, we require the blog form to be filled out and the photos uploaded to Dropbox at least 3 business days before the post is scheduled to be published. For example, if your post is going to be scheduled to be published for Friday, then your content deadline to fill out the event form and upload your photos will be Wednesday. This is known as the Content Submission Deadline.  

Check out our Top 5 Tips for Submitting Your Blogging Form.

A Note on Consistency and SEO

Blogging on the same day every week helps to build organic SEO. Having consistency in the posting day is more critical to SEO than the time of day a blog post goes live. This consistency also helps your Fotoskribe team schedule your posts and ensures you have all the time you need to make your blog shine. We always welcome forms early! We'll schedule them out as far as you would like.

Uploading Images

Learn more about uploading your blog post images here

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