How to Blog Together

This article gives you specific steps on how to blog together. 

1. You will first need to decide which event, session or thoughts you would like to blog about for the week. Your blog form and images need to be submitted at least two business days before your blog is scheduled. This is known as the
Content Submission Deadline. You will receive a reminder email each week that we are blogging together. 

Check out our Top 5 Tips for submitting your Event Form.

2. Upload your images to the shared Dropbox folder. Images can be high resolution, and we will size them for web use. We will also use any branding information that you've placed in the Dropbox folder. 

3. Fill out the relevant event form by logging in
HERE. Once you are logged in,
you will be redirected to the forms site. There are different forms for different events. Feel free to browse and use the one that makes the most sense to you. We advise that you upload a client photoshoot blog first since it helps us to get to know you before we jump into a marketing or personal project post.

4. Our team will use the form and the images to create your blog post. We may email you a few times in the beginning to get clarification or about information our team has questions about.

5. Once the draft of the blog post is up, we will send a notification to let you know. You can then go in and approve it to be published.

6. Once you approve the blog post, it will be scheduled and set to go live the next day.

That's it - let's get blogging. :-)

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