Uploading Photos

We Use Dropbox

We try to keep it simple by using Dropbox. We will email you the information for a shared Dropbox folder after you subscribe. This is the place to upload your images for your blog posts. Please keep an eye on your email for that invite.

To send us your images within Dropbox, simply login to your shared Dropbox folder and create a new folder. Title the new folder with the same name as your blog post. Then upload your photos into that folder.

Only upload the photos that you want us to post into your account. If you upload 50 images, we’ll include all 50 in your post.

Our research shows that between 25-50 images bring the best awareness and ROI for your blog. However, you can submit up to 100 images per post.

Logos & Collages

If you already use Fundy or Blogstomp, we ask that you put a screenshot of your settings in our shared Dropbox folder. That way we can mirror what you already do to prepare your images for presentation on your blog.

We also ask that you put a copy of your logo or watermark file in the shared Dropbox folder so we can ensure your images are branded for the web.

Used Photos

When the Fotoskribe team has used your photos in a post already, we’ll move that folder into another folder title “Done” or “Archive”.

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