Sending Blog Content

Customer Content

This is what we need to post your blog for you. For every blog we require two thing:

1) A new event form

2) Your images that you want to include in the post

STEP 1: Submitting a New Blog Form

Fotoskribe will provide your login credentials for your account. Once you have those login details, just click here to log in with the username and password provided to you. You may also go to and click on "Log In" from the main site menu.

Once you've logged into your Fotoskribe Dashboard, you'll find the forms that you will fill out for each new blog post. The first few may take a little longer than the rest, but once you are in the groove, it gets much easier. Please don't hesitate to send in content for blog posts early!

There are different types of forms to fill out depending on the type of blog post you're looking for. Selecting the form that is most applicable to your post and start filling it out. Give as much detail as you can. This ensures that our writers can represent your voice and brand as well possible.

Check out our Top 5 Tips for Submitting Your Blogging Form

STEP 2: Uploading your images

Uploading your images is easy! We will email you the information for a unique shared Dropbox folder after you subscribe. This is the place to upload your images for your blog posts. Please click here for more details about uploading your images.


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