Learn the Blogging Lingo

There are a lot of new terms out there so here is the skinny on our blogging terms.

Schedule Date

This refers to the day and time that a post will be added to a blog by the Fotoskribe team. This is different than the publish date since the Fotoskribe team is only adding the post as a scheduled post to be published later at the Publish Date.

Publish Date

This is the day and time that a scheduled post will “go live” and be released publicly on the photographer’s blog.

Content Submission Deadline

This is the deadline that you would send us your forms and photos. Find out more about the Content Submission Deadline here.

Customer Content

This is the event form that the you fill out for each post and the images you need to deliver via Dropbox for each post.


This is referring to an entire content submission including the copy, photos, schedule time, etc. This should not be confused with Publish Date.


This refers to our Fotoskribe writing team.

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