Top 5 Tips for Submitting Your Forms

“Writers are not Psychics”

We are passionate about good writing! And not to toot our own horn, but we think we’re pretty good at it! We’re not good at reading people’s minds. We tried our hand at being psychic, and it turns out it’s harder than it looks. We’re also not professional photographers. However, we’ve worked with a bunch of them over the years. Here’s a quick list of things you should NOT put in the form unless you want it included in the actual blog post.

Top 5 Tips for Submitting Your Blogging Form:

  1. Sarcasm: Personally, we love sarcasm! But when it’s in the written form, don’t assume we get the joke. Bad things can happen. Trust us.

  2. Photography Jargon: The writing team members aren’t photographers by trade, so if there’s something you’re referencing in shorthand or slang we’ll probably include it exactly the way you wrote it.

  3. Use Caution with things you don’t want your customers to read: This is tricky. If your bride had a total meltdown, we should probably not mention it on the blog. We also want your blog to be believable and authentic, so talking about how she’s your new bff isn’t something that would believably go on your blog. Make sure you communicate anything strange or complicated to us in the form and we will incorporate that gracefully.

  4. Write the way you would write: We make the assumption that the words and emojis you use in the form are the words and emojis you want on the blog. It might surprise you to know that your brand’s voice and YOUR voice can be very different. Until we fully understand your brand and your personality; we assume if you put a smiley-face emoji on your form, you want a smiley-face emoji on your blog. If you type in all caps in your form, we assume that’s how you like to add emphasis. If you add fifteen exclamation points…  you get the idea. Until we’re best buddies and you trust that we know you…  It’s best to not assume we know the difference. If it’s on the form, it’s on the blog.

  5. Load up with Local Links: There are a lot of Hiltons, Holiday Inns and Hyatts in the United States. We write for people all over the world. If we have to go find it, we might guess wrong, especially if a state or a city isn’t referenced anywhere else in your form. That’s why all vendors must have a valid URL provided. That ensures we’re linking to the right vendor for you.

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