Our Open Door Policy

Feedback and Direction

Our hope is to be able to know who you are and the voice of your brand. We look at the survey you filled out when you signed up every time we blog for you. We keep notes of all of the feedback you’ve ever given us, and we review it every time we write for you. So, we thrive on your feedback -- good and bad. You won’t hurt our feelings. Here are some examples of helpful feedback:
  • Too many exclamation points
  • You prefer the word PHOTOGRAPH to its other synonyms
  • You’re not focused on editorial detail photos and it feels weird to go on and on about flowers and shoes
  • You hate the word “document” when it comes to photographing an event

Great Examples of Real Feedback

It all goes in your file. And we try our best to make sure that we follow your directions to give you the best posts possible. Be specific. Here are some examples of actual direction we’ve received:
  • “Feel free to write as much as you want about the local venues. Here are their websites.”
  • “I like to include lots of details of the scenery and the weather.”
  • “Load this post up with sticky sweet details of how in love this couple looks.”
  • “Please take a paragraph or two to discuss the history of this amazing venue. Here’s the URL for reference.”
  • “Talk up the florist and the sensational work they did. Look at those centerpieces!”
  • “This wedding was totally DIY. Talk about the hours that must have gone into it.”
Telling us to “write stuff” doesn’t help us get to know YOUR BRAND or YOUR VOICE. Give us the direction we need to help us help you #JerryMaguire. After a few blogs, you can give us less and less direction.

What happens if you don’t have a lot to say?

If your form doesn’t have a lot of information, or you really don’t have much to say about the session, there are a few things that we can do to get your post together:

1. We try to pull the story together from your images.

This means we have to guess on important things like who that person walking the bride down the aisle is and why she’s crying over the present she opened. This is a bit risky since we don’t know what’s really happening in your pictures.

2. We write information about your venues and vendors.

If there’s not enough information to talk about the bride and groom, we will talk about the venue itself. Whatever it takes to get the blog up!

3. We make it up based on scant details.

When in doubt, we will pull together as many details as we can and deliver them in a standard formula. We’re going to:
  • Talk about the couple.
  • Talk about the ceremony.
  • Talk about the venue.
  • Talk about the reception.
  • “Bride and Groom, thank you for giving us the honor of etc... etc...”
  • And we’ll load it up with yummy keywords and make sure it hits the word minimum to be valuable for SEO.
At Fotoskribe, we believe in the power of positivity. We make the positive assumption that the wedding day was beautiful, that everyone was happy, and that you love all of your clients. The thing to remember about this is it’s in your WRITER’S voice, and that might not mimic YOUR brand.

4. If we’re missing information, we will reach out.

This can cause a delay in your turnaround time possibly resulting in a late post.

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