How to Get the Most out of Blogging with Fotoskribe

A personal note from the Fotoskribe writers to our photographers

As we blog together, we (the writing team) get to know your voice and style. Your words and your style come to us through the forms that are sent in. This article is written by us, your Fotoskribe writing team, to offer some helpful tips and tricks on how to fill out your blogging forms for best results.

What do we do with your form

Remember, when you’re filling out the form, include the details that you want us to include. The form is how we preserve your voice. If you include it on your form, we assume you want it on the blog. Include the moments that you want to discuss. Use the words you would use to describe the people, the details, the moments, the weather. We will take those words and add to them, but we want to make sure we include your voice. To do so, we will pull your words right from the form.

In your own Words

Each event is different, and so is each form. We’ll take your words and massage them into a beautiful story, making sure that we get lots of keyword love and add in links where we can.

We don’t even need well-constructed sentences! You can use it like your own form of MadLibs if you like!  Hit us with a bunch of adjectives or phrases you want to include.  

  • If it was cold, was it freezing or was it chilly?

  • If it was hot, was it sweltering, oppressive, steamy, muggy or was it just hot?

Since we weren’t there, we only have your form and your pictures so give us any words you would use to describe the day. This is the only way we can preserve your voice and tone because it tells us what kind of words you use and gives us insight into how you think.

A Strong SEO Opening

People have asked about the first line. That’s very intentional. The very first line of your blog will be:

"Bride name + Groom name were wed on Event Date with a ceremony at KEYWORD and reception at KEYWORD, LOCATION."

This is strictly for SEO.  You will always see it unless you specifically ask us not to. However, this is search engine GOLD, and we really feel strongly about having this as your first line. It loads you with keyword heavy, relevant search terms all in your first line.

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