Turnaround Time

Our turnaround time is to get your post scheduled is as fast as 24 hours and guaranteed within two business days from the time we receive your submitted content. The scheduled post is set to be published the following day.

For example, if your Content Submission Deadline is Monday, your Blog Post will be scheduled on (or before) Wednesday for a publish date of Thursday at 6pm (in your time zone).

FAST turnaround times are our goal. However, missing and/or incorrect information within content submission forms will likely cause delayed turnaround times.

Learn more about the Content Submission Deadline.

How can I make sure that I receive the fastest turnaround time?
You can help ensure a quick turnaround time by uploading images to Dropbox on time and double checking information like spelling of names and content information. That way we make sure that your post isn’t delayed because of questions from our team.

What if I request a change? How will that affect the turnaround time?
We are happy to make changes to your blog post after it has been scheduled to your blog. Just let us know about the requested changes within one week of the publish date. Changes requested before a blog post is scheduled may cause a delay in turnaround time.

More information on Revision Turnaround Time

What is the difference between a blog post being scheduled and being published?
When a blog post is scheduled, it means our writers have written your post and our technicians have scheduled the post on our blog to go live at a later date and/or time. This means the post is ready for you to review as a draft before it goes live to the public i.e. before it’s published. When a blog post has been published, it means the post is live and viewable to the public.

When do I have to submit my content to guarantee a two business-day turnaround time?
All submission content must be submitted no later than 11:59 pm Pacific Time in order to guarantee a two business-day turnaround time.



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